Floor Flatness in CloudWorx for AutoCAD

Users can perform Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) analysis in CloudWorx for AutoCAD with automatic report generation according to the ASTM 1155 standard. FF and FL numbers determine whether a floor is sufficiently smooth and level, respectively, as constructed. This test method covers […]

Points on a Grid in CloudWorx for AutoCAD

Points on a Grid is an efficient way to extract a uniform group of points from the point cloud without cleaning it or removing any vegetation such as trees to create a surface. The points that can be extracted are either lowest, highest, closest or […]

Setting up a Project in CloudWorx for AutoCAD

Before starting to extract linework, surfaces and other information from the point cloud in CloudWorx, it is a good idea to use the UCS tools to orient the cloud, clip out the areas of interest and save them in the Clipping Manager. This video goes […]