User Coordinate Systems (UCS)

The UCS tools are important for manipulating the point cloud. UCS can be Set to Up Direction, Set to an Object, Set from Points, Set to X, Y, Z Axes.

Unify vs. Merge

The Unify and Merge commands combine points into one cloud to improve performance of large point clouds. The point cloud may be decimated through the Unify command. Merge combines points but allows the individual clouds to be turned on and off.

ScanWorld Explorer

ScanWorld Explorer is a menu where you can re-load the point cloud after you have modeled, erased, or segmented the cloud. Users can colorize scans position by separate colors.

Removing Noise

Removing Noise is an easy way to remove tons of noise on the surface of a point cloud from traffic or other interference.

Reference Planes

Reference Planes are extremely helpful tools for Points on a Grid, Alignments, Volumes, 2D Drawing Tools, Modeling and Measurements. Multiple Reference Planes can be created and saved.

Cyclone – Hot Keys

Commands in Cyclone can be Hot Keyed to any button on the computer’s keyboard to speed up processing. Cyclone installs with a preset list of built-in Hot Keys.


Handles in Cyclone can move, change and rotate the properties of any object. Handles can also be dragged and snapped together.