Copy & Move

Modeled objects can be easily copied or moved in Cyclone as single objects or in multiples using a Standard Axis, Point to Point, Pick to Pick, Reference Axis
and Custom.


Clearances are a great tool for measuring accurately the underside of bridges, wires or other objects.


Animations are a powerful visualization tool in Cyclone. Users set cameras create a path or loop and set the speed of the fly-through. The product .avi file can be played in Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

2D Drawing Tools

The 2D Drawing tools allow users to draft on a flat UCS known as the Reference Plane. With this tool, users can draft 2D linework, create modeled objects, and set fences.

Target Registration

Target Registration is the process of stitching different scan positions together using fixed objects referred to as targets. Targets are set up in the field and they are visible between the different scan positions.