ScanWorld Explorer

ScanWorld Explorer is a menu where you can re-load the point cloud after you have modeled, erased, or segmented the cloud. Users can colorize scans position by separate colors.

Removing Noise

Removing Noise is an easy way to remove tons of noise on the surface of a point cloud from traffic or other interference.

Registration Techniques

This section covers other registration techniques other than targets and point clouds to register scans together. It covers techniques such as creating calculated vertexes between planes, and using modeled objects such as pipes and patches.

Reference Planes

Reference Planes are extremely helpful tools for Points on a Grid, Alignments, Volumes, 2D Drawing Tools, Modeling and Measurements. Multiple Reference Planes can be created and saved.


Most of Cyclone program settings are found in the Preferences. These can be assessed from Cyclone Navigator or within a ModelSpace View. Changing some of the preferences can enhance program functionality.

Nested Registration

A Nested Registration is a techniques that allows users to build registrations from previous ones. Users can combine scans from the first day of field work and then combine the second days work. Then day one and two can be combined together.


3D Surface Models can be created form the point cloud data in Cyclone. This section covers Piping, Steel, Parts Table, Steel, Patches, Boxes and Cones, Copying and Moving modeled objects

Lines, Polylines, & Breaklines

Breaklines are important features in any topographical map for the creation of TINs as they set defined boundaries. Polylines can be created in Cyclone from Pick Points, Virtual Surveyor, Fit Edge or Roadway Alignment and Station tool.

Limit Boxes

Limit Boxes provide a way in Cyclone to isolate or limit the amount of point cloud data or modeled object that is viewed. Limit Boxes may be moved, changed in size and rotated to match the subject. Multiple Limit Boxes can be set and saved.