Virtual Surveyor

Virtual Surveyor is an effective and quick method of digitizing points, lines and polygons from the point cloud.

Publishing TruViews in Cyclone

TruView is a free panoramic viewer that allows users to view the point cloud data and image from the scanner position or the scan data from defined camera views.

Cyclone Navigator

Cyclone Navigator is the table of contents for the Cyclone program. This menu is used to access and organize the point cloud data, manage tools and settings in the program and create blank databases to import raw data.


Cutplanes are used in Cyclone to create horizontal and vertical slices through the point cloud, modeled objects, and TINs. Cutplanes can be configured for thickness, step interval, set on an object, set to the viewpoint or defined by the Reference Plane.

Creating a KeyPlan

The Key Plan is a graphic plan that allows users to open a TruSpace and corresponding ModelSpace. The plan displays the viewing direction of the TruSpace.

Copy & Move

Modeled objects can be easily copied or moved in Cyclone as single objects or in multiples using a Standard Axis, Point to Point, Pick to Pick, Reference Axis
and Custom.


Clearances are a great tool for measuring accurately the underside of bridges, wires or other objects.


Animations are a powerful visualization tool in Cyclone. Users set cameras create a path or loop and set the speed of the fly-through. The product .avi file can be played in Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

2D Drawing Tools

The 2D Drawing tools allow users to draft on a flat UCS known as the Reference Plane. With this tool, users can draft 2D linework, create modeled objects, and set fences.